Kristine Meurer

Executive Director, Student Family and Community Supports Division

Albuquerque Public Schools

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Kristine Meurer was a featured speaker at The K12 Facilities Forum’19

Kristine Meurer, Ph.D., Executive Director, Student Family and Community Supports Division, Albuquerque Public Schools.  Dr. Meurer will serve as the Principal Investigator for the grant. With 5% of her time dedicated to implementation and oversight. Dr. Meurer has over 40 year experience in education and health promotion.  She completed both her undergraduate and graduate work at Eastern Michigan University, and completed her Ph.D. in Health Promotion at the University of New Mexico in Spring1995. She has extensive experience developing and implementing programs for at-risk students, including students living in Foster Care. Dr. Meurer is one of the leading experts in New Mexico around Federal and State requirements for educational stability of Foster Students. Since the implementation of the Federal requirements around educational stability for Foster Students, Dr. Meurer has developed and implements policies and guidance for the work between education institutes and the child welfare department (CYFD). She currently serves a member of the Children’s Court Improvement Commission focusing on educational stability children in custody