Katherine Walsh

Program Director, Sustainability, Energy & Environment

Boston Public Schools

Katherine H. Walsh is the Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Program Director for Boston Public Schools (BPS), leading districtwide initiatives to transform the sustainability measures and environmental health of 132 BPS school buildings. Serving on the Facilities Management leadership team, Katherine manages the Sustainability, EH&S, and Utilities Divisions, prioritizing critical, equitable improvements in drinking water access, indoor air quality, outdoor teaching and learning, renewable energy and efficiency upgrades, and zero waste.

Katherine joined BPS in 2017, following a sustainability career at the University of California, Berkeley as Coordinator of the Green Initiative Fund and Founding Director of the Student Environmental Resource Center. She holds a BA in Political Science with a Minor in Environmental Studies from Boston College. From BC to Berkeley to BPS, Katherine is committed to bold imagination, compassion and empathy, climate action, justice, and equity, and youth leadership.