Karin Goldmark

Former Deputy Chancellor of School Planning and Development

New York City Department of Education

Karin Goldmark served as Deputy Chancellor, School Planning and Development for three and half years at the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). Her responsibilities included capital planning, space planning, community engagement regarding building use changes, new program design, and serving as the district of support for charter and non-public schools. In addition, Karin led the nationally regarded effort to provide emergency child care services for essential workers during the height of the initial coronavirus pandemic in New York City; was instrumental to the startup of the COVID-case response process when schools reopened; and led the team that determined capacity under social distancing guidelines in New York City schools.

Prior to joining the NYCDOE, Karin served as Senior Education Advisor in the Mayor’s Office, worked with teacher teams in innovative schools, and ran a college access program. Karin holds degrees from Wharton, U Penn, and Yale Law School, and is a proud parent of two terrific NYC public school students (one now graduated).